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Nastaliq is among the most liquid calligraphy styles for the Arabic substance. It has short verticals with no serifs and long level strokes. It is made using somewhat out of cut reed with a tip of 5–10 mm (0.2–0.4 in), called qalam ('pen', Arabic and Persian قلم) and carbon ink, named si ahi. The nib of a qalam can be a piece of the inside to empower ink absorption.

Two types of Nastaliq boards are Chalipa and Siyah squash. A Chalipa board, for the most part, contains four corners to corner hemistichs (half-lines) of the stanza, clearly inferring a decent, good, or exquisite thought. Siyah Mashq ("dull drill") sheets, nevertheless pass on through piece and structure, instead of substance. In Siyah Mashq, reiterating a few letters or words (at times even one) in every practical sense inks the whole board. The substance is accordingly of less vitality and not evidently open.

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